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If you do visit Bhutan, you will become one of the few who have experienced the charm and magic of one of the world’s most enigmatic cou?ntries – the ‘last Shangri La’ .

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Takin Festival Trek
Key Information

Travel Style: Small / Big Group
Start Location: Paro
End Location: Paro
Duration: 12 nights /13 days
Accommodation: Hotels / Farm House
Festival Date: 21st – 23rd February

Takin Festival and Trekking at Tsharijathang.

About tour(Takin Fair on the Salt Licks of Tsharijathang)

Encounter Bhutan’s exotic national animal, the Takin (Budorcas taxicolor), at their native summer habitat. Witness the largest congregation at the mineral lick, and take part in counting the number of individuals. Embark on a breathtaking trek, go bird watching and experience the nomadic life, including opportunities to sample meals prepared from yak dairy.

Also, ride a yak and sleep in a real yak-hair tent.Learn to identify Bhutan’s treasure trove of native medicinal herbs and step yourself in the kingdom’s homeopathic lorewith a unique chance to see the mythic cordyceps, which is creating a sensation in the world of natural medicine. Bring the right level of curiosity and you might even glimpse one of Bhutan’s rare wildlife royalties: the tiger or the elusive snow leopard!

Brief Details of route 1(1 day by car and 4 days on foot): Follow this route through Punakha, the ancient capital of Bhutan, and Gasa, well known as organic and medicinal bath district. Visit the famed Gasa hot spring and get pampered by the warm hospitality of Laya’s yak-herder communities. Enjoy the trek through mixed coniferous forests and alpine meadows, and relish the splendor of Mt. Ganchentag (popularly known as Tiger Mountain). One may occasionally spot the rare snow leopard and takin on the way.

Itinerary [ Gasa to Tsharijathang]
Day one: Thimphu to Gasa proper
Day two: Gasa to Koina
Day three: Koina to Laya (At least one day halt at Laya for acclimatization if needed)
Day four: Laya to Lemithang (Base of Gangchentag)
Day five: Lemithang to Tsharijathang

Brief Details of Route 2 (7 days on foot): This route begins at Dodeyna which lies on the outskirts of Thimphu town, presenting a stark difference between bustling city life and sheer wilderness.At Dodeyna, be greeted by Chari Monastery perched on an iron-like hill. Be awed while walking through the breeding habitat of Tiger and be mesmerized by the steep rocky cliff s carved by the crystal clear Wangchhu River.

Itinerary [Dodeyna to Tsharijathang ]
Day one: Dodeyna to Dolamkencho
Day two: Dolamkencho to Barshong
Day three: Barshong to Zhoduethang
Day four: Zhoduethang to Chazhithang (Lingzhi)
Day five: Chazhithang to Chebisa
Day six: Chebisa to Jagoedpassa
Day seven: Jagoedpassa to Tsharijathang

Brief details of Route 3 (1 day by car and 7 days on foot): The adventurous journey begins from Paro. Take the rigorous trek through spectacular mountain scenery, serene country side and upland communities, thundering waterfalls, rushing rivers, and colorful alpine meadows. Imposing Mt. Jhomolhari, Mt. Jichudrakey, and Mt. Tsherimgang will make your journey memorable with greatest sense of achievement.

Itinerary [ Drugyel Dzong to Tsharijathang]
Day one: Thimphu to Drugyel Dzong (Some tourists may opt to travel directly from Paro)
Day two: Drugyel Dzong to Shana
Day three: Shana to Thangthangka
Day four: Thangthangka to Jangothang (At least one day halt at Jangothang for acclimatization if needed)
Day five: Jangothang to Chazhithang (Lingzhi)
Day six: Yusawongm to Thangkana
Day seven: Chebisa to Jagoedpassa
Day Eight: Jagoedpassa to Tsharijathang

Brief details of Route 4 (12 days on foot): The adventure begins from Phajoding,Thimphu. Come prepared to enjoy the beauty of multicolored alpine lakes and rhododendron-covered hills.Get to see the bird’s eye view of Thimphu town. Enjoy the walk through pure stands of fi r and juniper forests. Discover the habitat overlap between snow leopard and tiger. Know the varieties of medicinal plants and alpine flowers.

Itinerary [ Phajoding to Tsharijathang ]
Day one: Thimphu to Phajoding
Day two: Phajoding to Tsimkota
Day three: Tsimkota to Jhaney
Day four: Jhaney to Jimilangtsho
Day five: Jimilangtsho to Yusawongm
Day six: Yusawongm to Thangkana
Day seven: Thangkana to Walethang
Day Eight: Walethang to Jarodhingthang
Day Nine: Jarodhingthang to Chazhithang (Lingzhi)
Day Eleven: Chebisa to Jagoedpassa
Day Twelve: Jagoedpassa to Tsharijathang

Include 2 days halt at Tsharijathang for the festival (9-10 June 2011).


(Note: These are sample itinerary planned to give you a general idea of trip to Bhutan. We can tailor, and make trekking programs to meet individual needs and preferences.)

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Bhutan Travel Guide

If you do visit Bhutan, you will become one of the few who have experienced the charm and magic of one of the world’s most enigmatic countries – the ‘last Shangri La’ .


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